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Karen's recommended reading list:



The Use of the Self
by F. M. Alexander

The Alexander Technique in the words of its inventor.  Describes how Alexander made his discoveries about the causes of his vocal problems, developed his technique for solving them, and applied it to help others with a wide variety of problems.


Back Trouble:
A New Approach to Prevention and Recovery
by Deborah Caplan
Excellent explanation of how the Alexander Technique helps people with back pain, with specific applications and exercises. Caplan was a
co-founder of the American Center for the Alexander Technique and licensed physical therapist.

Thinking Aloud
by Walter Carrington
Based on talks Carrington gave to his teachers-in-training over the course of decades.  Combines poetic simplicity of expression with profound insights into the technique and its broader implications.


More Talk of Alexander
edited by Wilfred Barlow
A wide-ranging collection of essays on F.M. Alexander and his technique, from a variety of perspectives, and by many authors, including John Dewey and Aldous Huxley.





Other Resources

Karen's Writings:


A Lawyer's Guide to the Alexander Technique: Using Your Mind-Body Connection to Handle Stress, Alleviate Pain and Improve Performance
Read excerpt here


Instructions for Constructive Rest
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Alexander Technique Basic Skills and Concepts: a two-page summary
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Dealing with Chronic Pain:  A Patient's Perspective on the Alexander Technique:  Karen tells the story of her journey through chronic pain and the role of the Alexander Technique in her recovery.

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Karen talks about her book with podcasters


Alexander Audio with Robert Rickover:  
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Author Chats with Elizabeth Kelly: 
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The Alexander Technique in the media:


Karen talks with Bloomberg Law's Spencer Mazyck about the Alexander Technique and her transition from practicing law to teaching the technique.

Watch video on BloombergTV


ABC News:

Alexander Technique at the Mayo Clinic


National Public Radio:

Alexander Technique For Back Pain


The New York Times:

Sit Up Straight. Your Back Thanks You.


Psychology Today Blog:

The Alexander Technique for
Chronic Back Pain



A Medical Perspective:

Alexander Technique for Non-Surgical Treatment
of a Cervical Herniated Disc.
Watch video here



Karen's List of Recommended Alexander Technique teachers


I am happy to recommend these fellow New York area teachers for their unique skills and perspectives.
Download my list here



Additional Links:


The American Center for the Alexander Technique
39 West 14th Street, New York, N.Y.:



The American Society for the Alexander Technique (national organization):



Free podcasts and a wealth of other information about the Alexander Technique and teachers worldwide:


Information about research on the Alexander Technique:



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