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Nationally Certified Teacher of The Alexander Technique

Karen G. Krueger, LLC



- Private, one-on-one lessons

- Semi-private lessons:  bring a friend

- Group presentations by arrangement


New York City Locations:

- Midtown Manhattan:  1350 Sixth Avenue (at 55th Street), N.Y., N.Y.

- In your home or office: by arrangement



Private lesson at midtown Manhattan location:  $80

Please inquire about:

- Discounts for hardship and other special circumstances

- Rates for semi-private lessons

- Fees for other locations



Karen Answers Common Questions About Lessons

What happens in a lesson?

We examine together how you perform simple movements, such as walking and getting in and out of a chair, using them to practice the skills that comprise the Alexander Technique.  I place my hands on your head, neck, back, torso, arms or legs to help me gather information about how you use your muscular-skeletal system and to help you apply the Alexander skills to change your movement patterns.


You will also spend a portion of each lesson lying on your back on a table while I help you to calm your nervous system and breathing and to let go of unnecessary muscle tension, using a very gentle touch.  The effects of a “table lesson” are similar to those of massage, but they are achieved through your cooperation in the process rather than through my manipulation.


Students usually leave their lesson feeling taller, lighter and happier than when they came, and if they use the skills they are learning, they can continue to experience these pleasant sensations between lessons.


What time commitment is required from me?

Most people take one 45-minute lesson per week.  A more intensive initial course of two or three lessons per week is ideal, if you can make time for it.


How many lessons do I need to take?

One lesson is enough for you to get a sense of what the Technique is about. I encourage you to take three lessons in the space of three weeks or less to get a really good sense of whether you would like to continue for a longer period.


Some people find that after 10 or 15 lessons, they have become skillful enough to get the benefits they seek without further weekly lessons, possibly returning once in a while for a refresher.  At the other end of the spectrum, some people decide that for them, the benefits and the learning process are unending, and they take lessons for decades.


Another way to study the Technique is through intensive courses taking place over a weekend or a week or two.  These can be enormously rewarding and fun. The American Center for the Alexander Technique in New York City offers at least one intensive course each year and a number of shorter workshops throughout the year; see www.acatnyc.org.


To arrange a lesson or to ask me further questions, please contact me.



I had not imagined that a slight change to my posture and mind set could change or cure a physical problem.  You really helped me a lot.  Thank you!




Who would have thought that the tension I so often felt in my face and jaw, and the stiffness and tiredness of my lower back, could be a result of tightening my neck and shoulders, attempting to be taller, smarter, more assertive, more productive? Karen has showed me the way to a lighter back and a fluid neck; how to have freer shoulders and how to balance and support myself on my feet.



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