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Nationally Certified Teacher of The Alexander Technique

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You've reached the on-line home of Karen G. Krueger, a nationally certified teacher of the Alexander Technique in midtown Manhattan area of New York City, and author of A Lawyer's Guide to the Alexander Technique: Using Your Mind-Body Connection to Handle Stress, Alleviate Pain, and Improve Performance.


Would you like to learn how to:

- Improve your posture?

- Let go of excess muscle tension?

- Sit easily without slouching?

- Move freely and without strain?

- Use your energy more efficiently in daily life?

- Calm your reaction to stress?


If so, you've come to the right place.


What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is about choice, freedom and resilience.  It is a way to change physical and mental habits and reactions that interfere with health and enjoyment of life.  We often react to life's demands and stresses by tensing our muscles, interfering with easy movement and straining our necks, backs and joints.  Students of the Alexander Technique learn to let go of that tension and redirect their efforts more efficiently and intelligently, using their conscious thought process as a tool for change. Find out more about the Alexander Technique here.


Learn the Alexander Technique with Karen:

New York City Locations:
- Midtown Manhattan: 1350 Sixth Avenue (at 55th Street)

- In your home or office

Find out more about lessons with Karen here.


In the News:
Karen talks with Bloomberg Law's Spencer Mazyck about the Alexander Technique and her transition from practicing law to teaching the technique:
Watch the video




Karen's Book:

A Lawyer's Guide to the Alexander Technique:  Using Your Mind-Body Connection to Handle Stress, Alleviate Pain, and Improve Performance

Written for lawyers and other busy professionals, this succinct guide explains the principles of the Alexander Technique, how the technique helped Karen return to health after years of struggling with chronic pain, and how it can help everyone who feels stress or pain in daily life. Find out more here.





The Alexander Technique is a set of skills that you learn, rather than a treatment that is done to you. My goal is for you to learn to take care of yourself.

– Karen G. Krueger




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