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About the Alexander Technique

What is the Alexander Technique?


The Alexander Technique is a way to improve how we sit, stand and move.  It teaches us to do our everyday activities more efficiently, with less strain on the neck, back and joints.  It is also a method of stress management.  By examining our unthinking, automatic reactions to all the stimuli of modern life, we learn to respond more thoughtfully, and to undo the harmful effects of stress on mind and body.


Why Try the Alexander Technique?


Chronic Pain:  If your pain is caused or increased by the way you sit, stand or move, it can improve with the Alexander Technique.  You can learn to change habits that put strain on your body, and to manage the way your body reacts to pain so as not to make it worse in the long run. Read more about Karen's experience using the technique to deal with her own chronic pain.


Stress:  Dealing with stress is all about managing the way we react to things that are stressful.  The Alexander Technique teaches us to interrupt our reactions, so that we can use our conscious thought process to decide how to proceed.


Posture:  The improved coordination and poise you learn with the Alexander Technique activates your reflexive postural system, enabling you to sit and stand upright without effort and strain.  Better posture becomes a matter of thinking, not muscular effort.


Relaxation:  By studying the Alexander Technique, you can learn to calm your nervous system and breathing and to let go of unnecessary muscular tension and effort.  And you don’t have to stop what you are doing; in fact, the Alexander Technique is all about using your skills in activity, to use the right amount of effort – no more, no less – for the task at hand.


Sleep Quality:  If you are not sleeping well because of stress, an inability to relax your muscles, nervous tension, or similar causes, the Alexander Technique may help you.


Performance Enhancement:  Performing artists, including musicians, actors and dancers, often learn the Alexander Technique as part of their training.  It is part of the curriculum at leading institutions such as the Julliard School and the Yale School of Drama.  It enhances performance and helps performers avoid injury while pursuing their craft.  It can also enhance performance in other activities, such as sports and public speaking.


Personal Growth: Most people first study the Alexander Technique to address a specific problem.  But it also provides an opportunity to learn more about yourself and how you interact with the world, and to increase your enjoyment of life and other people.



Who Studies the Alexander Technique?


People of all ages, occupations and backgrounds.  Karen's students have included lawyers, secretaries, editors, financial industry professionals and other office workers, as well as actors, musicians, artists, photographers, graphic designers, homemakers, scientists, physical therapists and retirees.


How Can I Learn More?


To learn about the principles of the Alexander Technique, and to discover how it can help you, read Karen's book A Lawyer's Guide to the Alexander Technique: Using Your Mind-Body Connection to Handle Stress, Alleviate Pain, and Improve Performance.




Other books and articles can be found on the Other Resources page.  But there is no substitute for the hands-on guidance of a skilled Alexander Technique teacher.


If you're ready to experience the Alexander Technique, please contact Karen.



Last night I slept without back, neck, or shoulder pain for the first time in over

a month.




The Alexander Technique has helped me overcome the effects of past injuries from horseback-riding and computer use.  It has also improved my riding skills, and I gained half an inch

in height.





This is about how you handle yourself in life.






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